How Jewelry Can Help You Tell Your Story

Many years ago, when my children were young, my older daughter, Rachael, had made me a pin from something called "Friendly Plastic", an activity where plastic melts into strange shapes.  They were fun metallic colors and though I normally don't wear pins, I really appreciated this one.

I had decided at this point to divorce from my children's father and needed to find a job with benefits so that I could better take care of my family.  I had been doing in-home childcare prior to that and then one day I broke my elbow.  After it healed, I began getting calls for interviews.  I came up with a few interview outfits and decided to wear the pin Rachael made me to my interviews.  To my surprise, the pin was a great conversation starter.  Each person I met commented on it and I shared the story of how my daughter had made it for me and that I wore it for good luck.  Being a mom is a very important part of who I am, so I wore that pin proudly.  And while I can say that the pin brought me great luck, I got five job offers within 24 hours including my first pick, I hope my interview skills helped me get those offers.  

I lost that pin years ago in one of my many moves and regret it to this day.  The power of jewelry.   Who knew?  What jewelry would best represent your story?


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