Observations from Two Months in Business

Observations from Two Months in Business

The fantasy:  I open my beautiful Shopify store in mid-December (finally) to great fanfare.  Clients spring up from all over the place.  Comments come in.  People are in awe of the designs, the website, the selection and open their wallets and sales go through the roof.  I have my first hundred sign-ups on my mailing list, I am happily designing and producing new merchandise and singing and dancing surrounded by Disney-esque birds straightening my work area…

The reality:  I opened my beautiful Shopify store in mid-December (finally) and sold 14 pieces on my first day.  I was going for ten, so I was very pleased.  Later that week I had another sale.  All sales were made by family and friends.  I had nine people on my mailing list.  A few hundred dollars in sales.  And then…crickets.

The dilemma:  How do I draw people (who aren’t all my family and friends) to my website for sales? How do I grow my mailing list?  How do my charities get the benefit of a large number of sales I’m not yet making?  And how do I get people who view my site and tell me my jewelry is beautiful to literally put their money where their mouth is?

The solution:  I have worked very hard on regularly reaching out through social media.  I have joined a couple of online networking groups for entrepreneurs.  I’m updating and adding extras to my website.  I’m working on some collaborations with other entrepreneurs.  I’m continuing to take classes with my syndicate, bootcamps and courses in areas where I feel I fall short.  I’m telling my story on different platforms.  I’m sharing why my message it so important to me, even though it’s very personal and still raw.  I’m hoping it will all make a difference.

How you can help?  Please share testimonials if you own some of my pieces.  Please share the blog, newsletter, website, etc. with your friends.  Join my Facebook Group.  Join me on social media and share. I am so grateful to have your support.

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