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I am very excited to share my lifelong dream with you of opening an online jewelry store.  I have worked very hard to create fun collections that can be mixed and matched so that you can show who you are through what you wear.

Several years ago, I was walking through a very crowded Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta.  People were coming at me and didn't appear to see me at all.  If I hadn't moved, I would have been mowed down.  At my lofty 5'1" it's rather terrifying.  Finally, in frustration, I yelled out, "I am not invisible"!  An airport worker stopped to see if I was okay.  I wasn't.  

I decided that people needed to see me, the me that I like to present to the world.  I decided to be true to myself and tell my story by the way I dress and accessorize, how I wear my hair, even.  And I would, going forward, present an air of confidence and presence so that I would no longer be invisible.

As a boho chick, I like to wear loose and flowy styles, lots of bold colors and prints, and jewelry that is not like everyone else's.  By creating these three collections, Into the Woods, Leather or Not, and Mesmerized by Metal, I want to help you tell your story too.  I want you to be noticed, respected and recognized.

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