The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat…

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat…

Opening my business last December was such a rush!  From the teasers I posted on Facebook and all the time it took to upload my collections, pictures of jewelry and pricing on my website.  I had decided I’d be very happy selling ten pieces on my opening day, I actually sold 14!  I made another sale that week and then…nothing!  Not that week, or the next or the next until finally last week I sold another two items.  How did I feel about it?  Sometimes disappointed, but mostly, as an optimist, I gathered myself back up and decided I needed to be more visible.  I, the Queen of wanting people to be visible and respected, needed to make that very thing happen for My Dancing Dragonfly.  But how?


I circled back to my syndicate group for some help.  I found some excellent free bootcamps on platforms where I needed to improve my presence.  I needed to be more consistent in my postings.  So I sat down and did my best to create a calendar of weekly events.  Due to several family and friends in from out of town, I was not consistently consistent, but I managed to post five of seven days.  But that isn’t enough.  So on January 30, I put together a full month of social media for February and it will be distributed through many channels and many types of posts. It’s another dimension of creativity for the business.  The themes are as follows:

Sunday:  Story Sunday:  Tales from a “Seniorpreneur” about creating and growing a business as a Senior.

Monday: Magic Monday:  Behind the scenes look at the creative process behind my jewelry.

Tuesday:  Blog Tuesday:  Stories and Tidbits about My Dancing Dragonfly!

Wednesday:  Wowza Wednesday:  Spotlighting products with a special sale every Wednesday.

Thursday:  Tantalizing Thursday:  Cartoons, polls, games, etc.

Friday:  Fun Facts Friday:  Fun facts about Dragonflies, jewelry, Being Boho, Positivity, Visibility.

Saturday:  Stylin’ Saturday:  Putting together the jewelry to go with Boho tops and dresses for that special look!


If you are interested in following along, please join me on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Pinterest.  The links are on the website. See you there!

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