Handmade Jewelry for Survivors and Thrivers Celebrating their Identity.

Crafting the story of your resilience into the jewelry you wear.

  • Short Stories

    Short Stories is a collection this is pre-made and tells your story. Each piece comes with its own story included. These are stories of resilience, success and victory.

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  • Love Stories

    Love Stories can be told from many different perspectives. They can be love of a mate, love of a child, love of a pet, or a special place or person who you hold dear in your heart.

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  • Stories of Strength

    Stories of Strength come in many forms, as does strength itself. Physical, emotional, or mental, being strong can help you get through whatever life throws at you and you come out ahead. Victim or Victor? You get to choose.

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Empower yourself and take control of your healing journey with jewelry from My Dancing Dragonfly

Introducing My Dancing Dragonfly: My jewelry is a powerful talisman for survivors and thrivers. Whether dealing with abuse, illness, overcoming roadblocks or celebrating successes, we can design a great piece of jewelry that reflects your personal journey towards healing, strength and resilience using my unique three-step process.

  1. Choose stones, symbols and metals that speak to you - that best represent your story.
  2. I'll lovingly craft those stones and other media into a beautiful piece of jewelry that embodies your story.
  3. Wear your jewelry as a powerful reminder of your survival story, a daily talisman to refocus you on the hope that lies within you.

Your story deserves to be told - and seen! It's time for your voice to be heard, and I want to help you do just that.

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Audrey's Story

"This necklace and earrings set reminds of how far I've come . . . "

I was born anxious. I lost my mother to a stroke when I was just ten years old. My father remarried and I was legally adopted by "The Beast" who hurt, verbally abused and manipulated me for the next four decades of my life. In having my own family, with the addition of my husband, and an excellent therapist, I found the strength I needed to break free. This necklace and earrings reflect my fight to reclaim and love myself. It is fine silver on fine silver in layers. I wear it proudly as it reminds me of how comfortable I've become being myself.

Let's Talk About Designing Your Own Piece Too!